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Digital Printing comes of age at Bayard with the Konica Minolta KM1 InkJet Production Press. It’s one of the most advanced digital inkjet presses on the market. To this, Bayard has added its own special touch - years of digital printing and prepress experience and a critical eye to make sure the press performs like no other. That’s why we say “it’s not just digital - it’s Bayard digital printing” and we work to be the best everyday.

Why digital? First, you can order exactly what you need from a handful to a truck full, you decide the quantity. Next, meeting that tight deadline now becomes a reality. Because of press speed, plateless printing technology and proof-on-press workflow, jobs can be delivered in a time frame that would be impossible without digital technology.

So what does this mean to you, the print buyer - it means you can impress your clients with professionally printed material for your next presentation or produce short notice market tuned mailers, handouts or information packets to take advantage of a new business opportunity. In short, it means there is no reason not to have high quality commercially printed material to meet every opportunity.

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Konica Minolta KM1

Four Color Digital InkJet Press
Sheet size to 23” x 29”
UV Cured Inks
Highest Quality Printing
Superior Color Stability

  • Canon 10000 & Xerox 6500

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From Bayard Printing GroupA New Coating and Foil Process

Sleeking is an on-demand foil stamping solution for short-run digital applications. To transfer the foil to paper, Sleeking uses pressure and heat that specifically bonds to HP digital ink and some toners.

No dies needed – there’s no major makeready as it is digital – which allows for some amazing special effects that are also budget friendly.

Sleeking technology can apply a simple finish, such as gloss or matte, a metalized background, such as gold or silver, or a dramatic holographic impression in spot locations or full coverage.

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