• Integrated Print / Web Solutions

Integrated Print / Web Solutions

Bayard Online Solutions provides a host of custom tailored web services to make your print marketing material even more effective.

Web-to-Print W2P Solutions

Bayard Web-to-Print solutions make managing, customizing and shipping print marketing material to your distribution network fast, efficient and cost effective. Now distributors, dealers, franchise owners, and in house staff can easily customize and order print materials from any desktop, laptop and mobile devise. This can free up valuable corporate personnel for more important duties and insulate the parent company from the billing and financial responsibility associated with co-op marketing materials.

Integrated Print / Web Direct Mail Programs

Direct Mail Variable Data Printing ( VDP ), QR Codes and Custom Landing Pages are cost effective methods of energizing your direct marketing campaigns and improving your response rate. Using these methods help you avoid the high cost and growing public apprehension of Personal URL ( PURL ) online response sites.

Mail Tracking Service

Mail Tracking lets you view the progress of your mailings as they pass through the postal system, making use of the Intelligent Mail barcode. Mail Tracking takes raw scan data from the USPS as your mail passes through postal facilities across the nation and turns it into easy-to-read charts, graphs and tables, putting valuable real-time tracking information at your fingertips.

- See when your mail has been delivered, where, and to whom
- Identify mail delivery patterns and problems early enough to react
- Know when to expect customer responses
- Drill down to the specific mail piece for customer-by-customer analysis

eFlipBook Publications

Adding online versions of your print catalogs, brochures, presentations and publications can expand the effectiveness and popularity of your print material.

If you have a marketing communication challenge, you can count on Bayard for state of the art innovative solutions that get the job done in a timely cost effective manner.

Bayard UV Coating

Protect and attract, thats the mission of Bayard UV Coating.
You will love the look and appreciate the protection.

  • Canon 10000 & Xerox 6500

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From Bayard Printing GroupA New Coating and Foil Process

Sleeking is an on-demand foil stamping solution for short-run digital applications. To transfer the foil to paper, Sleeking uses pressure and heat that specifically bonds to HP digital ink and some toners.

No dies needed – there’s no major makeready as it is digital – which allows for some amazing special effects that are also budget friendly.

Sleeking technology can apply a simple finish, such as gloss or matte, a metalized background, such as gold or silver, or a dramatic holographic impression in spot locations or full coverage.

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